It’s a Shia kinda night….


What I think you take out of the movie, and also in life, if there’s something you can’t go wrong in it’s to give real love. The more you give, the more you’ll give back and the more you’ll win down the line. It might be a fucking tricky path and people might hate you because you’re just throwing love everywhere, but in the end it’s kind of simple. But that’s the movie; the movie’s kind of naive. And that’s the other thing I loved about the script. For the first time it’s not a character that has to go from A to B and be super clever. He reacts on his fucking gut and just goes through it, and that to me felt very fresh and strong, and I love that about it.

Director Fredrik Bond on His Fever Dream Love Story ‘Charlie Countryman’

This movie.

"My Flag"

I decided to make a portrait of myself wearing my flag. It was a lot harder now that I don’t have a tripod but I tried my best. I’ve been extremely hurt by the actions of what happened last week in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s moments like these that really make me want to be closer and more connected to where I come from. The feeling I feel when it comes to where I come from is indescribable. I decided to take a self portrait because I believe that portraits are a way to tell a story and you can tell a lot with just looking at a portrait. I wore my flag in my bare skin with my eagle on my back carrying me through every single day. I let my face peak a little but not entirely in order to hide the pain. I wear my eagle with pride. I fear for my people and their struggles.